Swipe Left – The Un-Dating App

What The Heck?!

Dating online is way too serious to be as inaccurate and impossible as it is. Instead of using a complex set of algorithms to define who we think is the perfect person for you, we’ve designed a system of challenges in games and fun that’s guaranteed to find you the wrong person until we find you the right one.

  • Think “No Whammies” instead of “Oh, another creep.”
  • Think Angry Birds meets “likes cocktails on the beach.”
  • Think Spin the Bottle with people you truly don’t know.
  • Think “I’ll Take Door Number Three” for finding someone that just might make you happy or just might crack you up.

But Why? – Changing the Online Dating Game

Swipe Left isn’t just virtual fun. If you decide to meet in person, you both score your experience in the app to level up.

The more you play, the more points you earn, and that translates to more search criteria and more access to games where you compete for the best people out there.

Of course you can also buy credits if you’re running out of chats, pics and profiles, but why do that when you can compete?

Swipe Games:

Swipe Righter Game Swipe Righter: In the app it’s not a matter of deciding between swiping right or swiping left: it’s about swiping right fast enough that you don’t get stuck with a loser.

Swing Shot Game Swing Shot: Load a trait or feature of yours into the slingshot and launch it into the crowd. More points if you hit someone. Hard. Even more points if they like it! And if you prefer to be among the crazy crowd, try catching the pics and personal traits flying at you.

Spin The Check Game Spin the Check: Who’s picking up the check on this date? That depends on you. Spin and let it slow to a stop on a random person or try stopping it on a face or feature you like. More points if you accept the date (ok, at this point it’s just an introduction).

To Change The Game!

Pressure Point Game Pressure Point: like Press Your Luck with whammies via blind date chats.

Swipe Craps Game Craps: Rolling the dice and gambling with your date’s app points.

Dune Buggy Game Dune Bugger: Race cart game where you’re in a virtual cart with your race mate and get to steer your way through the dating jungle.

Capture The Flag Game Capture the flag: First person shooter game with group dates taking out others trying to steal your date. Earn points and prizes like kisses, pics, etc.


Pickup Fails Game Pick-Up Fails: Cheesiest, sweetest, and most hilarious pickup lines get points and create popularity. Comments indicate how they went when others use them.

Avatari Game Avatari: Create your own avatar (and mess with your date’s) with paper doll style body parts and accessories. Personality traits affect the appearance as well. Now everyone has a personal avatari and a perceived avatari. Upload a couple selfies, then design your avatar around your true self (exaggerate if you must). Once you’re in a world, your Avatar also has Reflections: Other’s perceptions of you where they can change things but only they can see you like that.

Filtercator Game Filtercator: Photo filters that fit the dating experience: Ager (what he looks like today and tomorrow), Breakfaster (what she looks like when she wakes up), Waster (what he looks like after a few), and whatever else we make up.


Whack-A-Jack: Tag those you don’t like (or maybe some you do, to confuse them) for a different kind of head game.

Unbulletin: Anyone can put an anonymous message on the bulletin wall. If it gets enough anonymous replies it forms it’s own wall. Other users can reply privately as well.

Commando Couples: American Ninja Warrior meets couples competition in parkour for kisses.


Classeoke Theater: Classical theater, but you are on stage. Your lines are shown like karaoke, but you have to try to re-write them real-time to make sense for what’s happening.

Couples Commando: Modeled loosely after the American Ninja Warrior competition, couples run the gambit of this obstacle course and can even rescue one another from falling or failing.

Altered News: Interactive made up headlines for real news. We do something like fark.com here, but users get to re-write headlines and vote on one another’s headlines. You can even do your own newscast.


Whack-A-Jack: Tag those you don’t like (or maybe some you do, to confuse them) for a different kind of head game.

Unbulletin: Anyone can put an anonymous message on the bulletin wall. If it gets enough anonymous replies it forms it’s own wall. Other users can reply privately as well.


Growville: Grow your own livestock and garden, earning points for productivity and creative new plants. Hints will frequently appear to teach you about a sustainable garden.

Starving Games: Escape, team up, and compete for the prize: your mate! Learn survival crazy survival skills along the way.

Freedom Land: Carnival rides that require you use your rights to protect yourself from the security cops.

Hashtag Dance Challenge: Games on the dance floor.

MovieLine: Re-write the lines of a movie as fast as possible and your avatar will speak/sing them in character the way you wrote it. Highlights will become tiktoks.

Your real interests at play… But you can still take long walks on the beach if that’s your thing.

Fair & Square Experiences

NPCs: Yes, you’ll find some Non-Playing Characters, but they’re easy to pick out (they have a spark plug in their neck).

No Bots: There are NO loaded profiles to catfish people to play or pay more.

Because Swipe Left is about providing a safe and fun virtual space to socialize, there are no limits to how many people you can interact with.

Keeping it clean: No, you can’t use vulgarity. Our proprietary auto-correct will just make you look goofy if you try.

Online dating is infuriatingly unhelpful for many… Don’t act like you don’t know.

So yes, people will pay to play…   If you make it fun!

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