I don’t mean to, but I maintain a list of ideas, developments, projects, and endeavors that occupy my every free moment. While I won’t disclose all of them here, I like to share a short list of initiatives that keep my mind going at night. Interested in seeing more or partnering with me on something? Let’s chat!

A. Kinetic Advanced Decision Analysis and Resolution – Decision Assessment Tool (Free To Use)

B. Launch PAD – Project Assessment Dashboard (Free To Use)

C. PixSeat – Crowd Interaction System

D. EYEdjust – Computer-based Visual Vision Assistance System

E. Paramount – Document Research and Study Solution

F. Surgeon/M – Invasive Signal Awareness And Control

G. iData – Data Visualization Application

H. SimpleQ – Rapid deployed housing for disaster, refugee and military persons

I. Intelligence App Store – Solution for sourcing, processing, and structuring analytics

J. Incubator Council – Business model for innovation, incubation, and development

K. Scale Up! – Facility, data, and operations fail-over solution

L. Blackboxie – Privacy app to measure, manage, and control user data

M. Don’t Date App – A fun way to engage people without typical frustrations

N. Interrupt App – Tool for emergency and critical communications in teams and families

O. ETA App – Meeting status autonomous update AI tool

P. BowSign – Light weight event signage structure

Q. Carbamide Filtration System – HVAC solution for energy-free internal cooling

R. Coolster – Beverage coaster that generates endothermic cooling effect

S. Quick Release – App/tool for membership to theater attendance

T. Sparkling Fruit – Method for carbonating grapes and berries

U. WallSure – Tool for reinforcing gypsum board walls for repair and support

V. Swipe Left – The Ultimate Un-Dating App Swipe Left

I am driven to do more.

They may say I’m a little ADD, or they may say I’m a genius (probably not), but they will never say I’m resting on my past developments.

From high tech to personal.

I am always looking at how to make systems and processes work better and faster, but I try to keep my focus on the people involved in all that I do.

Next Steps…