SimpleQ – The Simple Answer to Rapid Deployed Housing

When the US Armed Forces deploy to a remote location, the logistics for stationing them there for extended periods is complex, expensive, and timely. The Department of Defense currently uses tents for short-term deployments, builds “brick and mortar” structures for permanent deployments, and ships in trailers for long-term temporary deployments.

– These trailers are the subject of replacement.

– At an average cost of $16K per unit, plus the cost of shipping them across the globe, setting them up, and shipping them back upon completion of the mission, makes these an undesirable solution.

– Trailers take up 1450 cubic feet each in shipment, and cannot be easily stacked. They must then be transported by truck at no more than two units per load.

– Setup time once they arrive on site averages 8 man-hours per unit.

– Setup includes blocking (setting concrete blocks), jacking, connecting electrical supply, and setting concrete blast barriers around the units.

Each Unit Ships on 3 4×8 Pallets

Whether housing is required for military personnel or people in disaster areas, it must be SimpleQ.

A 12’x16’ Unit Assembles in 2-4 Hrs
Modular Systems Include Optional Power & A.C. Panels

The SimpleQ system is delivered in 4×8 QPanels that can be configured to meet planned or impromptu needs. The QPanels are purpose designed for the rigorous environments of the SimpleQ.

• Coated for Weather Resistance

• Encased for Ballistic Strength

• Laminated for Wind/Shear Strength

• Coated for Insect Resistance

• Sealed for Temperature Aggregation in Hot or Cold

• Optional Temperature Vents Seal for Chemical Protection

SimpleQ is shipped on purpose designed QPallets that are utilized on site for the flooring system.

Configurable Interlocking Palletized Flooring System

The true in-situ flexibility of the SimpleQ system is in the way panels and floors are interlocked using either the ultralight ABS extrusions or the more rugged aluminum extrusions.

Virtually Off-The Shelf Engineering Works In-Situ

SimpleQ is truly designed to be re-designed in the field as you need it.

Modular Design = Current Need Configurations

From a Storage Building to a Clinic to Housing in Hours

•Utility Shed

• 1-Man SQ

• 2-Man SQ

• 4 Man SQ/Office

• 6 Man SQ/Operations Office

• 8 Man SQ/Ops Office

• Various Other Applications

• All Ship in Configurable Pallets

SimpleQ is Logistically & Financially Feasible

• Basic 12×16 Unit Cost = $6K

– Includes Floors, Walls, Roof, Door & Window

– Ships on 2½-4’x8’ Pallets

• Advanced 12×16 Unit = $9K

– Power Supply Panels (Outlets, Lighting, Acc.)

– Built-In Air Conditioning/Air Filter Unit

– 2 Windows + 1 Door (More Optional)

– Ballistic Fabric Encapsulation Panels Optional

– Ships on 3-4’x8’ Pallets

The SimpleQ Solution

• Rapid Deployment

• Low Cost

• Safe Operation

• Environment Configurable

– Temperature

– Color/Camouflage Variations

– Size Configurations w/o Re-ordering

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